About Winsome Technologies


We are small Software Development Company with more than 20,000 customers in 90+ countries. We are developer of document imaging tools and other popular utilities on Windows and Mac.

We are small team in Ahmedabad, India and want to create world class software with keen eye on User Interface and aesthetics.



Services and Customization


We do take a custom development project on Windows, Mac and iOS.


Sometimes your business needs software application which no product can fulfil and you require custom software. That’s where our service comes in. We can modify our existing tools to suits your requirements or create new software from scratch.

We had more than 100 clients for our custom software development services.

We can make custom application which uses all Document Imaging technologies and file formats such as PDF, TIFF, Postscript and other Popular Image formats. We have extensive knowledge of working on these document imaging formats since 2003.

We have made custom application for Document servers which triggers convert, merge, split, copy, edit and move documents on predefined rules. You can also schedule such operations and completely automate the process.

We have also made many custom tools which involves Microsoft Office Object model. We also have products which extensively use these technologies and very well received in market.

Please contact for free evaluation and quote for your project at support (at) winsometech.com




"I love your product. Very easy to understand & use. I like that it lets me preview the changes before applying, so that I don't do anything stupid. Saves me a bunch of time. I use it in conjunction with PDF Split And Merge to turn 100-page documents into individually numbered files. I am a delighted customer."- David Ward, Salix Ventures.

"This is my second copy. I have been using File Renamer for a year or so. I am not a power user, I just use simple renaming and it works great. I use it extensively to rename scanned files to comply with a format requirement for one of my trial presentation applications. Thanks for a great application." - Alan Michaelis, ALCAR Multimedia & Jury Impressions.

"I was looking a software to rename over 30,000 jpg images . The modification wasn't simple, and I have to add and modify a different number of character on each file . I was planning this will be a one or two days job. Even worse . With the Winsome File Renamer , it took me ... 10 minutes !!! Thank you so much !! "

- Guillaume Sanfaçon.