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Windows Installer install both GUI and Command line versions on your machine.

For Mac after downloading DMG file, double click on its icon. Drag and Drop the application icon in Application Folder.



Productivity Tools and Utilities

File Renamer
Auto Text Expander
Web Page Grabber

Document Imaging Tools

TIFF PDF Counter
Image to PDF Converter
PDF to Image Converter
PDF Combiner
PDF Splitter
Image to TIFF Converter
TIFF to Image Converter
TIFF Combiner
TIFF Splitter
Stamp And Number Pro
PDF Security

Find and Replace Tools For Microsoft Office

Find and Replace Tool for Word  
Find and Replace Tool for Excel  
Find and Replace Tool for PowerPoint  



"I can say that Image to PDF Converter has lived up to its advertised purpose very well.  My situation was to convert several hundred TIFF images into PDF format which would have taken me days with our current software.  However with your programme, I was able to convert all of these files within minutes saving both myself some time and my employer some money." - Joshua Smith, Online Design & Engineering Ltd.

"File Renamer is so easy to use and it is a HUGE time saver. Originally, before I found File Renamer, I had to rename each file ONE AT A TIME! It took forever, and sometimes I would accidently start playing an episode or movie because I double clicked to fast. It was pretty bad, so I looked online and found your product and ever since then it's been smooth sailing. Thank you for your great product."- Charles Easton IV.