Windows can handle some basic file renaming in batches, but not with the power and simplicity of this tool, which changes extensions and can undo renames. Use the preview function to see the new name before giving the okay

- PC Magazine, In Cover Story of April 2008 Issue.

Those meaningless default file names attached to your digital photos? They need to change. Yes, Windows Explorer lets you rename files en masse, but it doesn't offer the control of File Renamer. You can replace an entire name, a designated part of a name (say, characters 3 through 17), keywords, and more. Of course, it's also a great way to rename music and video files (not to mention plain old data files).

- PC Magazine, In Cover Story of June 2007 Issue.

I used File Renamer for Mac because I had a lot of photos all named with an id code and I wanted them labelled by the person in that photo.  I needed a simple app that could use a simple excel lookup table of existing file name and desired filename, and File Renamer was that app!  Very easy and simple to use and did exactly what I needed.  I recommend it to anyone needed simple or complex batch file naming.

- Martin Whiting.

I never knew there even was such a program until I had to rename 200 photos for a slideshow. Normally I rename each one myself, but I wondered if there was an easier way to do this and I searched online and found your product. I think it’s great! I find it very helpful and time saving and I’m sure I’ll find many more uses for it in the future.

- Cheryl Heflin

File Renamer is a Godsend! I bought a camera for my girlfriend and we took a trip to Panama. We took over 900 pictures with 2 different camera's and because of that the file names were different. I am a web developer and I wanted to create a very simple slideshow on a simple website ( and not use Flickr. For the code in the slideshow to work, all the files needed to have a common naming convention. After watching the video tutorial, File Rename did it for me in seconds! It allowed me to customize the filenames and do all sorts of stuff I've wanted to do for years, but couldn't. Thanks Winsome!

-Robert Vig.

I am a wedding photographer in England and have been doing them for nearly 30 years. Clients nowadays want so much more for their money and seem to expect hundreds of images. As I use two cameras for backup, file numbers are always different and of course I delete duplicates and poor images. I then want to give the files numbers relevant to my client. I saw your File renamer on the internet and tried the sample. It is easy to use and best of all can do batches instantly, none of the others I have tried are as good or as quick and can't usually do batches. Yours does 500 images instantly and is excellent.

- Peter West.

I am a photographer that takes thousands of pictures and eventually even my cameras go round the clock and produce pictures with the same number. File renamer enabled me to change all the prefixes for relevant files/photo shoots very quickly indeed and I love that if you make a mistake that it allows you to recover the original file names. It does exactly what I needed it to do and I am entirely satisfied and am delighted with it. The programme is easy to use and has saved me hours of renaming JPEG files.

- David Hamilton.

It has been only a few weeks since I bought that marvellous Winsome File Renamer.
Have been using it on and off, but rather more than I expected to do when I bought it. I did try some freeware alternatives, but this one comes out cheaper, counting the problems on using the other stuff. Winsome File Renamer is really worth the money. It is clear how to use it, easy to use, and a very useful preview to prevent problems.

- Frans Klaus, The Netherlands.


The File Renamer program has reduced the amount of time needed to make many different file name changes easily and quickly. I had thousands of music files that needed to be renamed. This program allowed me to do it all within minutes versus hours or even days of name changing. If you only need to change a few file names, then this is not for you however if you find that you need to change file names often, this is the program for you. I would recommend this program to everyone who needs an easy convenient file renamer utility.

- Richard Smith.

I sell quilting design files on my website to people who use computer controlled quilting machines. I use File Renamer to rename files that contributing designers send to me to be added to my website. I rename the files to be consistent with the nomenclature established for the 5700 or so files I already have for sale. I also use File Renamer to correct mistakes I have made naming large sets of design files. It saves me a lot of time from manually renaming the files. I find File Renamer easy to use and especially like the preview to make sure that what I think I need to do is right.

- Todd Brown.

Our firm collects geophysical data in order to build 3-dimensional data sets of what's beneath our feet. Often, this information is acquired along many parallel lines, much like mowing the grass. Later, in the shop, these datasets are processed and compiled into data cubes. File Renamer is great to replace instrument-generated file names with spatially meaningful descriptors that describe where the file was collected. This allows the processing software to access the files in proper sequence and the geophysicist to immediately know what file represents what slice in space. File Renamer is fast, intuitive, flexible and reliable; a great product.

Mark J Howell.

I am a musician and had several thousand songs in my computer.  I needed to get rid of the clutter and so I used some crazy program to find and delete all my duplicates.  However, in the process of deleting all the duplicates, the program added some very long string of alpha-numeric characters to all the original song names.  It would have taken F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to manually edit each file name.  I attempted to correct the problem with several other renaming programs, however, none had the capabilities of Winsome File Renamer.  It worked brilliantly and was very simple.  This program saved me so much time and I am very happy that I found this valuable tool.  It was a life saver. 

- Mark P.

Experience has been great.  Customer service quite good.  App works quite well within the limits of its UI. I use it to rename image sequences for AE, Premiere, and FCP7 & X.

- Wallace.

Although I have only used File Renamer a short while ago. It performed as advertised with no hitches. I bought it because I have been doing animation and renumbering many files is tedious.

- Rocky Adams.

It has been very good for my need! I have several thousand MP3+G file pairs that are named "Artist" - Song Title" or the same data reversed. File Renamer has been great at helping me make the changes to create consistency.

- Edd Kerkow.

File Renamer for mac was amazing! We needed to take 5000 images and re-name based on an excel formula we had created. It did exactly what we needed. I've only used the program once, but for that one time it was worth whatever I paid.

Kyle Huberman.

We have used File Renamer for years in creating applications for our Voice Response Translator (VRT), a system used successfully by US and other forces in combat operations.  The VRT has some tens of thousands of language files, File Renamer enables us to update the system accurately and quickly.

- Tim McCune.

Excellent user interface, very easy to use, love the instantaneous preview feature.  Of course there's a way to do this using command line but this is much less frustrating. I get a lot of my client's files with odd file naming conventions and I had to use File Renamer in full screen to tell them apart!.

- Ray W Nettleton.

I recently came in at the late stage of a documentary film production, and my job was to receive all footage from the camera operators, back it up, and add it to the pre-existing store of footage. I quickly realised that the file naming system that had been chosen (by the Director!) before my arrival, did not list chronologically in the finder window, making it very hard to discern which footage had been shot on which day:  this gets very confusing when you're shooting 5 cameras like we were. I came up with a file naming structure that would always list day-by-day (you can't just use the 'date modified column' - in case somebody has changed a video file in a folder) but faced a heck of a job going back and manually changing all the folder names, as well as the file names of the video files inside. It might have taken half a day. But with File Renamer, I did it in half an hour, and was able to preview any changes before they were applied. Pretty much every type of change you want to make is possible, even though you might need to apply 2 or 3 actions. But this flexibility is actually a strength of the software, allowing you to crack the puzzle of complicated and subtle file name changes. I love it when a little bit of software can help out in a work situation, and File Renamer is a great example of that. Bravo!

- Paul Michael Angell.

I was in need of an easy and powerful file-renaming application for my photography and File Renamer For Mac was just the ticket. It makes it very easy to add additional characters to or change characters in the names of all of my photo files after copying them over from my camera. The interface was very easy to figure out and I really like the fact that I can "preview" the changes before applying them. File Renamer for Mac is an excellent solution!

- Steven Ralph Sharp, Stephen Ralph Images.

I have used one version or another for some years now. In fact, since upgrading, I have not found a limitation or missing feature to request in a future release! No doubt my most frequent use is managing my large digital photo collection. As an amateur photographer (with an eye always toward possible sales as well as personal enjoyment), converting the many digital images to have meaningful names for sorting and archival is imperative. I'm sure many people will find it a great tool.

- Steve V King.

We are a busy digital printer handling hundreds of customer files on a daily basis. File Renamer helps us to speed up our digital workflow to ensure all files are prefixed and named accurately before storing on our web based digital asset server. Not very often I download a free 'demo' version of software and then purchase, but did not hesitate with file renamer An absolute bargain, highly recommended.

- Adam Granger.

Thanks you for an amazing program. The first time in my life I feel I have paid too little for something. It does what it says in a very easy to understand manner, nothing complicated. The fact that it shows you exactly what the new name will look like is fantastic as you do not have to guess and run tests. Anything that can rename 572 files in less than a few seconds is a winner in my book!!!!!!!! Thank You for making my life easier.

- Harry.

I love your product. Very easy to understand & use. I like that it lets me preview the changes before applying, so that I don't do anything stupid. Saves me a bunch of time. I use it in conjunction with PDF Split And Merge to turn 100-page documents into individually numbered files. I am a delighted customer.

- David Ward, Salix Ventures.

This is my second copy. I have been using File Renamer for a year or so. I am not a power user, I just use simple renaming and it works great. I use it extensively to rename scanned files to comply with a format requirement for one of my trial presentation applications. Thanks for a great application.

- Alan Michaelis, ALCAR Multimedia & Jury Impressions.

As I serve as the Network and Web Administrator for a national non-profit organization, I work with numerous file mediums that must be originated, edited or renamed to and from our media servers.

I have been searching quite a while for such an application that would provide a structure similar to the DOS command line for file manipulation (full wildcard enabled batch rename, delete, copy), or any application that would perform this tedious function. While I have not discovered a command line example as yet, I did find the next best solution called "File Renamer For Mac". Although completely a GUI, it does exactly what I need, quickly and efficiently without a learning curve. I am quite happy, but did actually ask the author if they would consider adding command line functionality to their app in the same structure and format as the DOS command line for file manipulation. They said they would actively consider writing such a feature into this application. I am most impressed.

An inexpensive tool that provides greater productivity means everything to me.
- Terry Godchaux, OMMFSG - CA.

I was looking a software to rename over 30,000 jpg images . The modification wasn't simple, and I have to add and modify a different number of character on each file . I was planning this will be a one or two days job. Even worse . With the Winsome File Renamer , it took me ... 10 minutes !!! Thank you so much !!

- Guillaume Sanfaçon.

I needed a new way to rename my photo's since the software I was using for it stopped working under Windows 7. On Cnet I read some reviews and got most interested in File Renamer, since it was just made for what I needed. So I put my trust in File Renamer and purchased even before trying the partial possibilities of the evaluation version. I wanted to get started right away (since I had already a backlog), and I'm very happy with the result. It works fast and accurate and the fact that you can roll back is certaily an added value. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

- Werner Lefebvre.

File Renamer is simple to use  and very quick with a clear interface.I tried File Renamer first then bought it and am delighted with how it performs. The software has saved me hours of work in rationalising the file names on a very large archive.

- Barry Turner.

I've been satisfied with this product. My work involves reading tiff files which don't read well without MODR, which I do not have. So converting them to PDF makes all the difference. Your software does this rapidly & will minimal inconvenience. Thank you for creating it.

- Samuel Landau.

We needed TIFF PDF Counter to reconcile exported page count with what was expected from our system. The tool counts PDF's very fast: 42,688 pages in 1451 PDF's counted in a few minutes !!!
- Ashley Povey, Salmat.

Very easy to use, this is a straight forward program that does exactly as stated. Thanks for all your hard work making a great and useful software!

- Jerad Trout.

I needed it to do page counts for about 30 Gig of pdf's i.e several thousand pdf files Great App!!! Tool did exactly what i needed it to... Accurately.

- Abdul Khan.

We handle multimedia stuff so it's a great way of renaming files en masse. File Renamer works pretty well. I only needed it once. Nice interface!
- Mark, Lifeline.

File Renamer is a wonderful bless. I can in a very short time make hundreds of documents easy to search and then organize, which in essence mean that I get it done. File Renamer offers a really unique versatility in all the parameters that can be easily set and results in perfect renaming of files. I found after trying several different demo products that File Renamer just gave me the best and easiest options, that I like the most and it works rock steady. Perfect! Thanks for a wonderful product.

- Steen Ricks Olsen.

Your product is great. I had to rename ten thousand picture files all with filenames that were the same number of characters in order for those files to work in my digital picture frame. A search of the Internet yielded mostly bogus shareware that was cryptic and difficult to use. Then I found File Renamer. Thanks to this product, I was able re rename 10,000 JPG files, ON A USB DRIVE, with the required length character names. What would have been a drudgery was literally completed in less than a minute. Thanks so much for creating a great product!

- Jeremy Sinnema.

File Renamer is easy to use and it didn't take long to understand how to work the program to make it do exactly what I wanted to. I had several thousand sound samples named in different ways and with File Renamer, I could easily make up rules to straighten them all out. With little effort I renamed about 50.000 files and was able to straighten up the layout of my samples. I especially like the way you can move parts of the filename to another position which is very useful if you've used different naming standards over time. Try out the demo and see for yourself what it can do for you! , President, Electric Fantastic Sound.

- Johan Billing, President, Electric Fantastic Sound.

Easy, more powerful than what I needed at this time but good to have, it did what I needed to do and I was pleased with the feature allowing you to verify or confirm the changes before applying them, one could always revert. I was searching and had tried another software before (trial version, erratic behaviours, poor display), it just doesn't compare with this one at all whom is by far superior, complete for my needs. Even if you have more than 100 files, it makes easy to do so and in a few seconds! I can see the many usage for such a utility either business or personal.

- Yves Chapleau.

I occasionally go for long multi-day running trips with group of friends. A few of us take plenty of digital photos so afterwards we end up with several sets of photos, all with different file naming formats. I select the best photos from each set and put them all into a photographic story of our journey. I use File Renamer to put all the files into a common naming format so that I can easily merge them into a sequential list. I find that File Renamer is very easy to use and it gives me complete flexibility for creating new file names. Thanks for a great product!

- Nigel Rose.

Overall I am very pleased with this application; it's intuitive, flexible and basically does what it says. By putting 3 rules together I have been able to rename at the same time to a common name format, around 100 image files a day from an IP camera. As the files originate from scheduled FTP downloads as well as email alerts the files were originally given slightly different name formats. Without File Renamer the slightly different name format made it difficult to sort them in time order for a time lapse video.

- Neil Beresford.

I've been using File Renamer for about four years. I use it both at work and at home. Whether it's for work or for home, if digital file management is an important part of what you do, GET FILE RENAMER. It will save you time, and it will save you a lot of headache! This is a fantastic product that works as expected, is always being updated with new features, and is worth more than what it's being sold for! Keep up the good work.

- Bryan Synder.

Working with this software has been awesome. I wish we had it years ago. We are in the process of scanning a lot of drawings these drawing are being scanned by an outside Company, when the files come back to us they are in a long format. In order for us to view them on our software we must shorten the file name. Using your software makes it easy I converted over 3600 files in less the 5 min. We use to have to do them one at a time great time server great tool.

- Spencer A Carvery, Generation Services.

My experience with your software is so far only positive. I was using Namewiz before this but was frustrated that it didn't have the feature to sort files by photo-date (only very limited sorting capabilities). I have been looking for a good renaming software both high and low, and yours is the best I have found. After trying your software there is no going back to Namewiz. Keep up the good work.

- Jeffrey Wall, Sweden.

File Renamer is absolutely great: it does exactly what it's designed to do, quickly, efficiently, and easily. It saves me an enormous amount of time and labour in renaming the photo files I must process each year. Years ago we used to do the renaming manually which would take hours. This year I bought File Renamer and the whole job took 17 seconds.

- Michael J Harnish.

Your software is very well written. At the price point you offered it, it was like a gift. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to something that you love! All the best.

- Walter Anderson.

I found your program to be very helpful in converting jpg names. It saved much time and trouble by being able to quickly convert names. The program is very easy to use and I was very satisfied with your program.

- Steven Wachtel.

I needed to re-name several hundred digital photographs after they disappeared from a camera memory card. I managed to get them back using recovery software, but the programme used its own system of file naming, which wasn't what I wanted. I needed to get back to the original system of file names and numbers. I could have renamed the files manually, but of course that would have taken a very long time. I came across your product when I was looking for some software that would allow me to do the job using batch re-naming. Once I figured out how to use the software, I was able to make the changes very quickly...the product did exactly what I wanted for a very modest price. I am happy to say that I have found this product really useful. Thank you!

- Peter Gould.

I test hundreds of zipped files at a time that have already been processed and have had their extensions renamed to "processed". Winsome File Renamer has saved me countless hours of waiting for original files or manually changing file extensions by using the File Renamer functionality to automatically rename all of the files in the folder at once. I also often use Visual Basic to gather data and record counts from the individual files but that requires a Loop command so I simply delete the date/time portion of my file names and change them to -1, -2, -3, etc. so that my loop works in my VBA code. Winsome File Renamer is one of my favourite applications for testing large groups of files.

- Tim Schrag.

Winsome File Renamer made a very large project very quick, I found the interface to be very intuitive. I utilized Winsome File Renamer to rename 10 thousand PDF documents along with the 100s of folder names they were stored in. Winsome File Renamer saved me many hours of work!

- Billy Champlin.

Our task was very simple, renaming 6000 images, but doing it was kind of time consuming! After a couple of attempts, we've purchase ''File Renamer'' for 20 dollars or so and Voilà the job was completed. Many many thanks for such a simple and efficient software.

- JF Laviolette. inSitu Communications Inc.

I need File Renamer for pictures - there are so many problems for the way Camera make filenames.I like File Renamer a lot and it is very effective.  Should be standard utility for Mac!

- Sean F. O'Hara, Zimmer.

I like  the simplicity and the speed of the application. I needed to rename 15 x 1875 files; I could do that by means of unix-scripts, but the versatility of  'Renamer for Mac' made things run smoothly.

- Ton Goeman.

Congratulations on an excellent product. It is TERRIFIC software. I loved the product so much after using it on my Mac computer at home that I bought the PC version for use on my office computer. The PC version is just as easy to use, and just as helpful. Anyone who has to keep track of a morass of information should buy File Renamer. I did "twice"!

- Walter Moore.

My experience with using File Renamer is very positive. I use File Renamer in the process of converting my large collection of vinyl records to CD. It's not often that I find a shareware program worth registering, but I registered this one and am very glad I did. It saved me hours of work. Great job, guys!

- Ray Siminas.

We develop educational software for 39 different instruments. Even though the educational content for each of tese instruments vary, the architectural software blueprint for each instrument is the same - except for the file names! We needed something to allow us to easily alter the thousands of pages found in the curriculum series for each instrument. Our prayers were answered when we found File Renamer. The program is so powerful and at the same time so easy to use. In seconds we were capable of transforming a trumpet curriculum into a saxophone curriculum, a piano curriculum into a guitar curriculum, and so on. The time, and money, File Renamer has saved us is immeasurable!

- Bob Lawrence, PhD, President, The Dallas School of Music, Inc.

I congratulate you on File Renamer. It is an excellent product.  As a litigation attorney, I receive and generate numerous computer files that need to be renamed.  It accomplishes this task with ease.  For example, I have used File Renamer to rename voluminous pdf files received in the course of discovery so that the filename coincides with the Bates numbers stamped on the pdf images.  I know of no other program that accomplishes this important step with as much ease and flexibility.  I also want to say that it is extremely easy to learn.  It is also very powerful and flexible.  I know of no other program that is anywhere nearly as good.  File Renamer is well worth the price!  Thank you! 

- Mark J. Wilson.

File Renamer is so easy to use and it is a HUGE time saver. Originally, before I found File Renamer, I had to rename each file ONE AT A TIME! It took forever, and sometimes I would accidently start playing an episode or movie because I double clicked to fast. It was pretty bad, so I looked online and found your product and ever since then it's been smooth sailing. Thank you for your great product.

- Charles Easton IV.

I collect music and currently have over 65,000 MP3s that are poorly named and messy. I use File Renamer to rename hundreds at a time. This program has made my life so much easier. This organization effort would be impossible without File Renamer. As a photographer I have also used File Renamer to organize thousands of photos. I love this product.

- Tyson P, Aliso Viejo, CA.

Thanks so much. This program has done everything I've needed. So appreciate! Thanks for helping me to better understand how to achieve the results that make computer solving so simple with the use of this tool.

- Jim Greene.

File Renamer is very easy to use.  Close to fool proof I think.  It has a lot of flexibility, so I can't think of any changes at this point.  It's a great product that has made my digital picture organization much easier and faster!

- Dave.

I spent a lot of time looking for and using renaming APPS. They were all limited and complicated to use. File Renamer was absolutely brilliant in every way. There are loads of useful options, it is VERY easy and intuitive to use. My company has reached the stage where all our files and images have become very hard to find and this APP has saved me immeasurable time and effort. Worth every penny!

- Anonymous.

The experience is good! It is pretty intuitive to perform renaming tasks. We need file renamer because we occasionally have a large number of files that we have created via MailMerge in Microsoft Office, but we then have to rename them all appropriately. File Renamer is perfect for this. All in all, I’m very happy with File Renamer. It has saved us lots of time and we’re glad to have it!

- Luke Parr.

It's a great program and does the job, although it takes some time to figure out what to do.  There are so many ways to rename. We had vacation pictures from 3 cameras and I wanted to rename them all in the order they were taken (by date).  Once I figured out how to do that, it worked great.

- Jim Pappas.

Actually, I had purchased file renamer some time ago, I had to restore my computer, so I had to reload my software. I have been using it for quite some time now, and find it very valuable. I typically use it mostly for jpeg files. I have about 60,000 photos and having them named properly helps me to find them quickly when doing a file search.

- Thomas Boguszewski.

This program is absolutely slicker than snot!. It's as easy to use as falling downstairs! It's just what the doctor would have prescribed for someone like me attempting to rename a gazillion files by hand. Thanks, I am ENJOYING THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT!!!


My experience of using File Rename for Mac has been positive. I find it straightforward and easy to use. I need it to batch rename MP3 files using ID3 tag information because my company (Inner Ear) compiles and manages music databases.

- Dougal Perman, Creative Content Communication.

Excellent product - very easy to use. I have purchased skydrive for all my documents so that I can share them within the company with my colleagues.   Lots of my documents had symbols in the document name that are not permitted for use in skydrive.   Rather than change over 2000 document names/file names/folder names, I bought the File renamer to change all the names for me.  It worked very quickly and successfully.   It took away the stress and time it takes to go into each document or folder and change everything manually.

- Ruth Niemi, Sun & Snow Weddings.

I use File Renamer every time I archive photographs. To enable me to sort and integrate the photos we have taken on a trek, I use the Date-Time feature. This gives easy access to the Date(and Time) Taken On information that is carried in each digital photo. Once set the rule can be saved and re-used the next time I want to sort our photos. I have tried several file and photo editing programs, but none of them offer the flexibility of the batch renaming of File Renamer.

It is inexpensive and excellent value. Thank you for a great program.

- Chris Botur.

I've purchased two copies, one as a replacement software for a colleague and another as a spare for anyone else who needs it. We have a good number of manually generated CAD files which are revised every now and so often and we use renamers to place version numbers, etc. It was intuitive and fuss-free. I was able to get some renaming jobs done without much tinkering or searching help files and my colleague didn't seem to miss his old renamer at all. My colleague and I swapped PC's recently, so when he needed to rename some of files, I sent him some other freeware to try as I was unsure if the key would still work. He insisted on the same program he's been using, because he found it user-friendly. He can't be bothered to tinker with another program, so the spare came in handy.

- Priscilla Hallare.

Yours is a very nice app and well worth the cost. I have a GoPro Hero3 and needed your app to address a problem inherent in the GoPro:  While gathering time-lapse images, the GoPro names only 1,000 images and then dumps the next 1,000 images into another folder, but all with the same file names.  Today, I grabbed about 5,000 images that I will now composite into a 9-hour time-lapse video… but in order to do that, I will need to rename the files in the folders containing images 1,000 thru 5,xxx.  Your app works well for that. If a GoPro-specific feature were there, that would be nice. Better yet would be for GoPro to simply increment their file naming convention to not duplicate files after 1,000.  They must realize that 1,000 is not so big. Thank you for being there.  Good luck with the app.

- Sidney Goode.

I am impressed and feel that the program is worth the money (I did try a couple of free ones but found this one the easiest to find my way around.) My requirement was to rename 100+ photos from "P1020345" etc" to something that actually told me what the subject was - in the current case pictures of newspaper pages. Wish I had looked for this some years ago!

- bailes dave.

I use File Renamer for changing picture names in bulk.   Our e-commerce company has thousands of pictures that need to have a common standard and using File Renamer to create and maintain that standard saves us LOTS of time. Never had any problems with it.  Works great for us and the price is not expensive. We would highly recommend to other users. 

- Travis Artz.

I bought a previous version of file renamer. I have been using it for about four years. I needed to upgrade due to system compatibility issues. I use the program to assist me in achieving name compatibility, particularly with the mp3 's I have ripped from my many CD's over the years. On the older files, as I get to them the program assists me in bulk renaming that in turn allows me to use an mp3 tag editor to generate tags for the older files. I also use it to rename pdf files that I receive from a multitude of sources in my business so that I have common naming schemes for various cataloguing and searching purposes.

- Anonymous.

I'm using File Renamer for quite some time and make frequent use of it. The software is very intuitive and fast, making its usage a really pleasure. Very nice value for money. I need Flie Renamer because I like to modify file names and extensions (from upper case to lower case) of large quantity of photos imported from SD cards. I can't thing of a new feature because File Renamer performs very well on what it is made for. I don't really like complex applications that can perform everything you can think of at the cost of a very steep learning curve. File Renamer is neat and simple so you can start getting what you want from it in a couple of minutes.

- António Abreu.

I am a multimedia developer in the e-learning sector so i work with a lot on audio, pdfs and word docs. Clients never seem to name these correctly ... EVER.The main thing I look for when I purchased this was the replace functionality and lowercase functionality. The preview functionality is a bonus. Great work.

- Brendan Lewis.

I have installed and tested the File Renamer. It is a great program which saves me lot of time for renaming of group files. I am using it to manage thousands of picture files to start up a Giclee print business. With the interaction capability with XL, I can rename files to include search key words.

- Joseph Manakalathil.

Very good piece of software but only used it once. Used the export and rename from a list loaded back in. Easy to use after I had done a test. Had to rename over 300 portriats for a golf comp to include each person’s name in the filename.

- Andrew Mills.

I needed to rename split tiff files (the product files from tiff splitter). I found that I needed to use the preview button in order for all filename replacements to occur. It's possible this was because I was renaming 100,000s of files at once.

- Anonymous.

My experience has been positive over all. I especially like the drag and drop feature. And also it is very fast. I really haven’t used all the features yet. I am using mainly to rename my MP3 file. Generally they are listed by artist first or track first and then by tittle. I like to have title of the song first. Your program is helping me to put some order into my MP3 collection, it is very difficult to look for duplicates if the files are not named the same. I have tried several programs, free, shareware and try for  a while and I like yours the best.

- Edward.

I have used file renamer for several years and it has worked very successfully for me although I don't use it enough to really understand all of the features it may have. I use a paperless system where I scan everything for my small business and personal documents, so I name a lot of files.  As time goes by, for a variety of reasons I need to modify my filing system which requires changing file names. File renamer saves a great deal of time and effort on those occasions that I do need to modify my filing system.

- John McDonald.

My basic experience of running the "File Renamer" is that it's simple and easy to use. As for whyŠit is for renaming all of my photos and videos using the creation date as a filename. In this way I can easily browse through them to find what I need, and I have quite some collection.

- Zoran Mitrovic.

It has been running smoothly for every use we have had for it. Mostly renaming files from .txt files. Converting file names of item numbers to print numbers. The ability to find files of a given name in a specified folder, rename then according to .txt file, then save them in a separate specified folder.

- Joe Hoeper.

So far it is very good. It was a little difficult to understand how you add a new prefix before the numbers. I work with animation and needed to rename many files for that use.

- Mattias Gordon.

I use File Renamer on a daily basis. I change file extensions from vob to mpeg. I also noticed a decent performance increase from the 7.2 to 8.0 version of File Renamer.

- William Johnston.

I purchased File Renamer after seeing a review on I had a multitude of audio files that I needed to rename ( properly name ) and File Renamer allowed me to accomplish the task with ease. File Renamer has an easy / gentle learning curve that belies its its power.

- Dr. David Simpson.

File Renamer is very helpful for all types of data. Mostly I use File Renamer for changing the name of photos as I am sorting them by date and then put them in folders. So I can see what happened at which date.

- Adrian Bieniek.

I have easily been able to do the renaming I have tried so far. I have a couple of cameras which have the same naming series of photos. To avoid multiple files with the same name, I have to rename them to be more convinient får me. Also my videocamera restart the numbering of files in some cases. Therefore I have chosen to make my on naming series for my photos and videoclips.

- Nils-Erik Nilsson.

My experience is good. Works as desired and reasonably easy to understand. The preview functionality makes it fool proof. Renaming image files captured as part of supernova searching, of all things! Several hundred per night. Normally renamer is not required but when comparing files with someone else, I sometimes need to rename my files. The program works as desired for me.

- Roger Groom.

Went on a 12 day Mediterranean cruise with about 5 cameras in tow. Took over 9,500 pictures and wanted to have them put in one directory so that they could "flip" as a screensaver. As we were trying to put them in one directory, we kept getting the message that says "this picture has already been imported, do you want to delete the first one or delete the addition of this picture to the directory." This error message comes up especially where you have multi cameras from the same brand (Nikon for example) because we find that brands use the same numbering approach. What to do? Especially when you want all the pictures, don't want any deleted, etc.-the answer is your program. Used it and it worked seamlessly to renumber ALL pictures and keep ALL pictures in one directory. Problem solved. Great product. Works fast. No issues.

- Kevin T. Knight.

I have used File Renamer for several weeks now and have re-named thousands of music files to make them easier to locate. I originally used iTunes to upload most of the .mp3 files. iTunes adds layers of folders, and much information to the file names which makes it difficult to locate a particular song file. My hobby is making home videos, and I like to add music to them. Locating .mp3 files in multiple folders is time consuming, so my project started by copying all of my .mp3 files into one folder. It was still impossible to locate songs alphabetically with the extra characters/artist names,tracks,etc in front of the song name .

My use of File Renamer was to add and delete characters in front of and at the end of .mp3 files, and was very pleased to see it left the file extensions when it added or deleted from the end of a file). I have done a hundred files at once with one single click. Fantastic.

- Tom Culligan.

I have an extremely messy job to do with Ebooks sorting them into author and title order.  The titles are a mess and I’ve got about 1,000 to sort out! Your File Renamer is excellent, well worth what I paid.  The more I use it, the more I realize what it can do. I don’t think I could do this task without your renamer – well done!

- Peter Bishop.

We receive images sent through various channels with the extension jpg (mix in uppercase/lowercase). Unfortunately, the software of our site only work with lowercase extentions. Hence the choice for your program I was pleasantly surprised how easy I could convert lowercase to Uppercase (visa versa) in the extention names.

- Trimo Resodihardjo.

The software is great. We manage a lot of brand assets like imagery and graphics for product suppliers. The images we get from suppliers need to match our guidelines to make them easier to use. I've used Adobe Bridge and Apple Script in Automator to do most of the renaming, however since our product database is in a spread sheet format we were able to use the Renamer for some of the larger runs of files. Our image database is now looking really clean and easy to use. Thanks to Winsome Technologies! The software worked great for our purpose.

- Kristien Harris.

As the owner of a number of ecommerce stores, I required an application that could quickly and easily rename thousands of image files using certain criteria. Winsome File Renamer has been able to meet and exceed my requirements and I have been very happy with my purchase. I had a batch of 4300 image files, around 75% of which contained unwanted characters. Winsome File Renamer was able to quickly and seamlessly find and remove those characters, solving a problem I had pondered for a number of days before stumbling upon the software. Thank you Winsome for a great product.

- Robert Clark, owner of

I liked it much, it is the best for the job. To rename files to test batch processing.

- Vasco Fernandes Bueno Junior.

I just needed it to rename parts of file names. It worked great and it was very simple to use - very intuitive.

- Janet.

You guys make a great product. I use file renamer to save me the HOURS of time it would take to manually rename TV series I download from the internet. File renamer lets me quickly edit 100's of episode names into a format my xbmc box can recognize. I need file renamer because the task of manually changing 100's of file names is something I'm not willing to take on. 

- David Sgro.

File renamer has a nice interface and does everything I want it to. It could be prettier in terms of aesthetics, but most users will not be too interested in that. I use file renamer primarily to "tidy up" folders, especially with many images. I also use it to rename RAR files and to create .torrent files (legal content of course). I am very happy with my purchase.

- Rob Andrews.

I needed something which could use EXIF data to rename photographic images in the date they were taken, when we have multiple photographers on the same job, we need to merge their files exactly in time order. File Renamer worked a treat on the MAC.

- Carl.

The product is great, it operates as marketed and easy to use. The sample video's are a very big help in assisting to learn how to use the product. Very good experience. I use it mainly to rename large amounts of photos taking by digital camera's.

- Robert Constant.

Used previous version and the upgrade. AWESOME! Needed to rename each file name and extension on over 240,000 files. Worked like a charm.

- Ray Smithers.

Very happy with it. Dead simple to use and I love "seeing" the effect of the name changes before the filename is changed. Rename photo and audio files.

- Wayne Banks.

Been using previous versions for a couple of years. We work with files in an application where all files must reside in the same folder. We use file-renamer to add a date suffix to the file name to keep from over writing the previous file.

- Dean Delano.

I've really enjoyed using it so far.   I purchased it to help rename my movies and TV shows so I could index them more easily.  I've now renamed over 4000 TV episodes and 500+ movies.  I'm in love the ease and power it gives me.

- Scott Bristowe.

I had a few files filled with old tutorials for jewelry making that were made with an old version of Adobe Acrobat. Not really sure what happened with them, but this was probably the first time I even looked in the file in a couple years. My guess is that Windows 7 did not like the files, but that is a guess. I had already gone through 58 files and renamed them with the .pdf extension and they were working again, but I had hundreds of these tutorials and the company that I purchased them from is out of business. But I was also tired of the tedious work. I did a search and came up with your program. Because you are nice enough to provide a trial to test, and also did not try to install any other software but what I was looking for, I gave it a try. I program was easy to install and easy to figure out. Five minutes after I installed the program I had maxed out the trial and didn't even have the first file finished. But WOW! The files were changed in the matter of a few clicks on the keyboard and the files worked. I was so impressed. I purchased the program and within 15 minutes I completed the job. Thank you. It is a wonderful program that even someone who is not in the industry should be able to use with little to no assistance. I appreciate the hard work that went into the program and have shared the link on my business page. I also have a blog entry that I am writing on my experience to share with my business customers.

- Rebecca Doremus.

I have been a user of Winsome File renamer for several years. It is a spectacular product, with an equally spectacular support team. Refreshingly, Winsome has accepted product ideas with a positive mind set and implemented requested features promptly. This is a rare level of service. Until File Rename, I spent HOURS assigning mnemonic filenames for my photos, using excel spread sheets. One day, out of utter frustration, I searched the web for a file-renaming software. My search returned File Renamer and I have been using it ever since.

- Shashikant Gupta.

The day I downloaded the product I had a huge project I was working on. My vendor provides images but they do not match my item id's. I use your product to add prefixes, or do wildcard changes to match my id's. I used to use a product named Renamefromlist but its an older program. I was able to use your program to rename my list of images from a csv file. My vendor provides images for gold and silver, but have products in gold plated, 10k gold, 14k gold, silver and white gold. From their basic gold and silver images I have to copy and rename these for each metal type, around 13000 images in total. Its a huge task but your program saved hours of time and frustration.

- Jeff Heaster.

All is well, I purchased File Renamer because it could reverse the file-name for multiple files at once. Normally I use Total Commander to rename all the files, but that functionality wasn't available. Experience is good.

- Sven Waelen.

I'm a photographer, and give clients their images on a CD, so to be able to rename the images as (for example) Becky_001,  Becky_002 etc is invaluable. I use it often enough to be able to justify paying for my recent upgrade, and certainly would find it very hard to work without.

- Julie and Phil,

It great very easy to use. I had a lot of files to rename mostly for my music MP3 files. 

- Jeff Sweeney

It is all well thanks. I use it because im a graphic designer, so i use to have catalogs of clients photos.

- Aldo Dionisio Sandoval

I'm using File Renamer for what I guess is the most common reason:  Each time I download pictures from my Nikon digital camera they are named pic001, pic002, etc.  When I attempt to copy them into my various folders there's always a file with those names already.  There may be some other way to deal with the issue, but I haven't discovered it.  I looked for a setting in the camera to randomize the file naming, but didn't find anything like that.

- Anonymous.

I have been a Winsome Technologies fan for several years.I purchased File Renamer in January, 2010. I greatly appreciate its entire architecture, which presents me with mass-renaming options in useful and convenient parameters.It is, and has been, a great and reliable utility for me.It speaks volumes about the company that created, and also maintains, it.I recommend it fully.Thank you for such a great utility program.

- Troy R. Bishop.

I can rename several (50 or more) at the same time in seconds instead of several minutes.  It is also more accurate; I can type the change once and make sure that it is correct instead of many times for many files. I have to rename many files by adding to beginning of file name and in the middle of the file name.

- Dave Gilbert.

File Renamer works very well. I was given a CD with hundreds of photos to add to our website. The photos had long names with blank spaces and dates. I was able to use File Renamer to batch reduce the size of the  file names easily. It saved me hours that I would have otherwise had to spend on each file individually. 

- Gordon Harris.

I use file renamer mostly for image work for our website. This is done by the program in seconds, when before it used to take ages, as I used to do it manually (in the old days!!) Also the program is invaluable for a person's own images, probably most people just download images from their camera and view thumbnails of the images, thousands of them, but file renamer is again ideal for old fashioned naming changes to help identify huge batches of images. The program works and works well, never crashes and, for me, saves a pile of work and is an invaluable piece of software.

- Alan Cathro.

I wanted to reverse the order of my music collection - when I originally ripped my CD collection to hard drive. I used the naming convention of "SONG - ARTIST" and now, years later I am using iTunes and wanted to import my old collection into my new iTunes collection so I decided to rename the old collection "ARTIST - SONG" . I found Winsome File Rename to be exactly the tool I needed. It was intuitive, easy, and quickly renamed hundreds of files for me. Winsome File Renamer worked perfectly and quickly. Thank you and I am happy with the excellent programs such as Winsome File Renamer.

- Dwight Barnthouse.

File Renamer is exactly what I need to manage the massive amount of jpg files I have taken with my camera and phone camera. I can easily replace the filename prefix for the selected image files quickly accordingly to the way I want it. In the past I do it manually. It is very time consuming. The thought of renaming scares me. So I went online to look for software that can do the work. I tried several and found File Renamer to be the easiest to use. No need to read any user guide. I got up and running within 5 minutes after the software was setup. Thanks for creating this amazing and simple to use software. It really saves me lot of time. Now I can find my photos easily.

- Siew Eng.

We had paper drawing of each job until about 10 years ago. At that point we started saving all of our design in .tif and .plt format. Over the years, .pdf has become the preferred file type as most PC's have an adobe reader. For some time now I have been wanted to convert all the .tif and .plt files into .pdf format. I did an internet search to find software that could batch convert .tif files into .pdf files. I found you website and downloaded your software. The tool worked great. We had probably 4,000 .tif files that we converted. I appreciate your efforts on this software. It is very easy to use and does a very good job converting .tiff file. The .pdf file it creates is very close to the same size as the .tiff file. I was concerned that it would create a larger file.


- Jim Pierce, Toledo Molding and Die.

I needed a very fast tool for renumbering huge numbers of files in a digital film pipeline. File Renamer is lightning quick, far faster than other tools I have tried. Other tools promised to take hours to rename the 177,000 frames in my sequence; File Renamer did it in only ten minutes.

- Bryan Ray, Blue Hemisphere 3d.

Very powerful tool. I use it to rename .wma converted to .mp3, music files. The renaming is done based on the .mp3 tags. The best feature of this program is the preview feature. ANY change is displayed, with the option of accepting or not. If you are not sure exactly how a change will look, that option is very important. A+ for function and UI.

- Jim Grossman.

My computer crashed and I needed to restore over 170,000 files. The restore went fine but it renamed all of my files with a "&0" in every single file, for example file.jpg became file&0.jpg. I was able to download the free trial and test to see if it worked, realizing that it does work, I installed the full version and in less than 3 minutes, File Renamer fixed all of my files to their original name. What a life saver. Thank You for the perfect product.

- Bill Wegener, Lighthouse Media, Inc.

I had a particular requirement that I needed to fulfil, mainly the removal of characters from the beginning of the file. Although I could have achieved this with scripting, this was too troublesome a proposal. After looking at various software I found that File Renamer is the best available, and for the price it is a killer. It does exactly what I want and more. File Renamer is a great product and I am sure you will find it a big success.

- Jay Savoor.

This is amazing, the best "rename software" on the market. I'm a professional motorsport photographer and i work with a lot of images each grand prix; i searched a software that would allow me to rename the jpg inside a folder using the same folder name and in sequential mode. Your software does this action perfectly and quickly.

- Manuel Eletto.

My experience of working with File Renamer has been great, easy to install and use. I store an incredible number of mp3's and video files of all sorts, without a reliable file renaming program it would be impossible to keep track, let alone know where to put them all on the hard disk.

- John Zimmer.

Image to PDF Converter was very easy to use. I downloaded a few converters that didn't work well and had success with your product on the first try. We have been in business for eighteen years and originally kept images in TIF format. Over time, we started using PDFs and now we want to make all of our customer experiences similar. The first project was converting 8500 TIFF images and your product was great. I pointed to the image folder and clicked to convert. Nothing could've been easier. We have tens of thousands more images to convert and I am eager to get that rolling. Thank You.

- Jay Rosenfield.

I usually get a little anxious when I see how difficult the learning curve can be on these software programs. With your software I was able to perform the tasks that I needed without having to go the user’s manual, forum or FAQ. I needed to reverse thousands of titles from "artist & title" to "title & artist". The process was easy and fully effective. It literally save me many hour of re-titling. I was please to purchase the software and was very happy with the reasonable price.

- Blair Saldana.

Its a good software and helped me a lot in my post production workflow. - George Daniel.

True value for money tool its now part of our daily billing system.

- Angela Layton.

I've been using File Renamer since 2007 and it has helped me immensely. I have over 5000 family pictures and videos, many of which had meaningless filenames. I searched for a software solution to rename the files and tested at least six options. File Renamer was the best I found, I purchased it, and was very glad I did. I saved *many* hours of time.
Regarding audio, I have over 15000 files and use File Renamer extensively. I subscribe to several podcasts, whose filenames are not what I need. Each weekend, I simply gather all my new audio files in a folder, then use File Renamer to quickly and properly rename them. Perfect. File Renamer 7.x works great with Windows 7 (both x86 and x64) and I have had no problems in my four years of use. The price is right, too, and upgrade pricing is excellent. Highly recommended. Love your product.

- Reid Kell.

My experience of using File Renamer was nil but it did not take me very long to master it as the interface was very visual. I found File Renamer to be the best File renamer application for renaming in batch, the myriad of files downloaded from the Internet that have titles joined by dots or dashes. I could not have changed these manually and in this particular instance File renamer was really beneficial.

- Neville Cobb.

I handle thousands of multimedia files coming from different sources with different names but having common domain. I rename them to their common domain Winsome File Renamer is a very powerful file renamer with sharp selective renaming capabilities. Congratulations!!! I am a delighted customer.

- Andre Elias.

Just a few lines here to say that File Renamer is a well thought-out, smooth handling program with a fresh looking interface to boot. And a fabulous deal at $20! I needed about 30 minutes to evaluate it. Nice going guys and, if any, gals!

- Göran (Sweden).

I just want to thank you guys for offering your software at a reasonable price. The File Renamer is a great too, and a steal for 19 dollars. You made the choice between piracy and payment easy. I wish your company a great and prosperous future.

- Vennelig Hilsen.

I have only really started using your product but so far so good. A former magazine photographer, my wife and I still travel a great deal and it is important sort photo files  into "albums" or some grouping(s) that are not necessarily sequential or consecutive. I often add additional information after the file name--such as Samoa-2012 or other information for future quick identification. Good luck with your products.

- Jim Forney.

My experience with File Renamer was great. I had tried several other trial versions of file renaming programs, but yours was by far the easiest to use. Some programs were so convoluted it was impossible to get them to do what you wanted to do, simply rename files in a rational, straight-forward manner. File Renamer is great, allowing you to preview the result of your change, and being able to undo the result.

- Mike Augeri, Warren Massachusetts.

After trying so many tools; I choose File Renamer to rename 100s of files daily. I never regret my decision of buying File Renamer.

- Scott Hoko.

We use it for determining the pages within PDF images for sorting and printing. And it's perfect for our business requirement.

- Ajay Narayan, Post Fiji Limited.

I had a mail server spool that had renamed all files with an appended security notation I needed to remove to resubmit for processing. File Renamer's ability to handle the task with filters and masks solved the problem. It worked as advertised.

- Lakshan Salgado.

As a professional web designer for a major online company, I found winsome renamer to be the ideal program for renaming and structuring bulk files such as photo galleries. The preview feature is especially comforting!

- Harley Neal, inBranch.

I had a mail server spool that had renamed all files with an appended security notation I needed to remove to resubmit for processing. File Renamer's ability to handle the task with filters and masks solved the problem. It worked as advertised.

- Lakshan Salgado.

FileRenamer is a great piece of software. Right now I'm working on a movie utilizing thousands of similarly named video files.  FileRenamer has been the key to organizing this massive project.  (And keeping me from going crazy...). A simple-but-awesome tool!

- Staley Dietrich.

I develop software and have been doing so since the early eighties. I have worked on a verity of operating system from mainframes to PC and even some Macs. One of my great disappointments with the PC OS is that they lack a built-in tool such as yours. It is one of those things that I use only a couple of time a year but when you need it, you need it! Your product gets the job done and is well written. The interface is intuitive and simple to use. I like you product and will be using it well into the future.

- John O'Brien, Scientist/President, JOATA Solutions, Inc.

I purchased File Renamer to help me organize my 100's of digital photograph files that date back to 2003. File Renamer has many different renaming options. I can rename the files in a sequential number series - for me this is one of the most useful features. Another very useful feature is renaming files from the image EXIF data, such as camera make and model, date taken etc. It can also insert and delete, replace and remove, add prefixes and suffixes. It is very easy to use, reliable, stable and has a good undo feature.

- Colin McKenzie.

This product is a perfect fit for our office. We need to convert several hundred documents from TIFF to PDF every week and this program is flexible with options to meet all our various needs.

- Cheryl.

I needed a tool that renamed files as per .csv and your product worked great! Not having programmed for many years, your app saved me hours of time better spent doing something else.

- Jack Simone.

I'm enjoying the program. I use it to rename music and picture files to my library's naming conventions. I had a previous program that used regular expressions to rename and it was much more difficult to come up with the expressions I needed. Your software makes it easier to rename the files the way I want.

- Cathy.

I have been using File Renamer for a few days now. I use it to rename photographic files so that I can control what it was that I photographed and also to sequence them when I start to delete those photos that I do not want to keep. It avoids having missing numbers in the sequence. I am pleased with it as it does what I want and is very quick.

- John Sanders.

I have a large mp3 library I have converted over the years. Unfortunately when I rip the music with different programs. I get different prefixes on the songs. Also when you have the music on an original CD release and then get a "Best of" CD you end up with duplicates. I would then copy the dups onto my music player. This program was fantastic in helping me find and eliminate the dups. This also helps with the random setting for music playback. I am currently converting all the file names on my 30K+ Pictures.

- Rick Repp.

I previously had version 6, but it somehow stopped showing the column headings which made it impossible to use.  I decided to splurge on version 7 as I had enjoyed the ease of use from version 6.  I have to change a lot of file names so that items will attach properly to their specific images on our online catalog.  This product works like a dream.  I can open a file and export the data within that file and instant KNOW everything that is in that file, no matter if it is 50 items or 75,000! File Renamer is a content manager's dream come true.

- Kym Porter, Supply America.

My experience with your software is perfect. Renaming files used to require continuous work for several hours, but the File Renamer does the job in just a few clicks. It has probably saved me for tens, if not hundreds of hours.

- Simen S.

I am very happy with File Renamer. I was looking for an assistant, who helps me in the renaming of many file extensions (.php to .htm / NO extension to .htm). File Renamer is a very easy to use and very helpful tool.

- Peter Mettler.

This is an invaluable tool to me. As an astro-photographer, I generate thousands of files with various codes in their naming conventions. As I go through the files, they need renamed in order for me to keep track of them. I wrote an AppleScript to do some of it, but in the end I needed a more robust solution and File Renamer meets the need perfectly. Adding, removing, replacing, sequencing, I use all of these features and with the preview and commit I can modify how it looks until it's perfect.It's really quite perfect for what I needed it for.

- Neil Heacock.

We had a very specific requirement of counting the total number of pages within a collection of PDF files within a folder. One of our clients wanted a report based on the number of articles relating to them and we tried a number of other applications and found many of them to be unreliable or did not offer the functionality required, until we found Tiff PDF counter. Prior to this we had a junior member of staff manually counting the PDF pages and this software is saving us quite a few man hours on this basis alone!

- Barry Carnell, , Bite Communications.



I don't usually give reviews for products, but in this circumstance I'll make an exception.The File Renamer program has saved my bacon on so many occasions.  It is exactly the product I was looking for when I took the trial. The simple to use interface is one of the easiest ever and when you save your settings it makes renaming 100's of files almost immediate!

One of the best pieces of software I have on my macbook!

- PaulMagson.

File Renamer worked very well and I was very happy with the results I got.I had hundreds of mp3 files which included some music and some Classic Radio Programs. I wanted to name these files so they would play in a certain order. I used File Renamer to generate names in alphabetical order the way I want them to play.I was able to get them to play in the exact order I wanted.Thank you for a VERY GOOD PRODUCT.

- Ira Baker.


I have used File Renamer for years. The version I just paid for was an upgrade to 8. Always worth the month for the new UI and features!

I LOVE this product and have tried a good half a dozen others - but this is the best for renaming in mass.

- Randy Burns.

I can't live without the Winsome Renamer utility. I use it to convert upper case file extensions to lower case, and to rename image files for use in my shopping carts. I also love to use it to export a list of the names of files in a directory.

- Karen Marinelli.

Our experience using the TIFF PDF Counter has been great. It's easy to use, fast and effective!
Our business provides document scanning services. It's really important that we have a software where it can give an exact page count as well as provide the export application where we can keep an inventory list of files being processed. It's become a very effective tool that our office uses regularly.

- Paper CUTS Document Solutions of KY.

BANG ON !!! I have to say the program does exactly what you advertise. I use it because electronic blueprint files are provided from the Construction Association in TIF format, and many of the sub trades that I request pricing from cannot properly view these files. So, I have to convert them to PDF so everybody can open them. It is an excellent program with excellent features, and it comes at an excellent price. Can't go wrong with it!

- Marcus Koeck - True Construction Ltd.

This is the fourth time I have purchased File Renamer for use in Music Editing.Most music industry people insist on using Apple Mac hardware with the result the file names are full of underscores and lack spaces so my software cannot understand the information and I have to rename them,often hundreds of files a week.

Oh Joy, well File Renamer tackles these problems and more with ease, it even converts the file name to proper case from the all lower or upper case original and saves me hours and hours of manual correction. And it is getting FASTER all the time at handling HUGE jobs,  and I mean really huge.   For example you can (And I Do) chuck 41 thousand file names at it and if your CPU is fast enough it will get the job done in record time.Excellent software!

- Tom Waller, International Music Services (Malta).

I searched for a program to rename multiple files at the same time. With File Renamer I found what I was looking for and more to. I download music files from the Internet and need to delete the first 8 charaters in every file. With File Renamer this operation has become very easy.

- Henrik Beck.

I have found the PDF page counter to be very handy. I am using it to determine the number of pages within groups of PDFs and using that to determine the time frames and associated costs for completing document editing jobs. It has saved a lot of time, as there is no need to open each file to ascertain the number of pages.

- Jodie Guy, Legal Content Manager.

We needed a quick way to quote OCR processing on a page-based level, so TIFF PDF counter makes it very easy for us to tell our clients exactly how much their jobs will cost.

- Alex Rosen, Rosen Litigation Technology Consulting, Inc.

I have some TIFF Files which is giving me problem in converting in almost all the tools I have tried but it works with your tool very well. Well done job.

- Brad Clark.

I have been using File Renamer since 2005.  I loved it so much that I have recommended it to several friends who have also purchased it.  I do event photography and use File Renamer to clean up the file names after they are downloaded to help with organizing them. 

Last week I helped a friend who was shooting an ICHA Cutting Event at Idaho Horse Park in Boise.  The Horses have multiple riders and compete on several occasions over the 9 days of the competition. I needed to combine all photos of each team and rename the entire events' images.  While trying to figure out the best way to rename 390 folders worth of photos (6500 images) I decided to check out the newest version of File Renamer (ver 10).  What would have taken hours before only took 4 minutes!! 

This program is so comprehensive that I have a hard time thinking of anything to make it better.  However, I thought that last time and you amazed me with each upgrade.

Thank you for all your effort in making this program everything that it is.

- Mark White, Event Photo Logistics.

We needed it for a project consisting of more than 200 PDFs and wanted to get an idea of the size of the project. It was a 100,000 pages. No training needed. Just install and start using it.


It's a great program and it suits my purpose very well. My experience is that File Renamer is a very competent program, it runs very smoothly and does the job very good. It takes a few moment to learn but when you get it it's very intuitive and logic. You see very clearly how the files are going to be renamed. You also have many possibilities to choose how you want to rename the files and folders. I like the new version very much, it's "cleaner" and more nice to look at.

File Renamer works very well, it's safe and reliable and you have the control in renaming the files with the preview. It's simply the best file renaming program that I have tried.

- Jan Andersson.

Image to PDF Converter is easy to use and the cost is reasonable. I like the default features for opening Tiff files and saving the PDF files.

- Mark Sisk.

I love the fact that one counter can Count pages for both TIFFs and PDFs. Much cheaper than other options.

- David J. Nieber, Precision Data Imaging, Inc.

I can say that the software has lived up to its advertised purpose very well. My situation was to convert several hundred TIFF images into PDF format which would have taken me days with our current software. However with your programme, I was able to convert all of these files within minutes saving both myself some time and my employer some money.

- Joshua Smith, Online Design & Engineering Ltd.

We needed a tool to convert 400 tiff files to single and multiple page PDF files. This program was the perfect tool for my image to PDF conversion project. It was quick to learn how to use and it did everything I had hoped for with ease and speed. Very user friendly and well-designed program. This tool did all that I had hoped for - and it made the transfer work quick and easy! Thanks so much for a great product!

- Peter Morelli.

The converter works great. It's fast and easy to use. I needed it to convert photos of documents to pdf's so that I could print more efficiently.

- David H. Milam, Dunlap & Shipman.

I had the need to convert over 2,700 TIFF files to PDF. The program is super easy to use and had my files converted with little effort. the program worked great!!

- Kyle, N3 Systems, LLC.

We serve the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. PDF has become the mainstay for electronic distribution of documents. It has become mandatory that firms such as ours have a utility such as Image to PDF converter. Image to PDF converter has been very helpful to our business. We manage thousands of image files daily and it saves us hours having software that can batch convert images to pdf. Image to PDF converter is very simple to use and much more affordable than some alternatives. Thank you and we will be using your software for years to come.

- Tim Bailey, Horizon Reprographics.

I tested several products before we decided to purchase the Image to PDF Converter. During the testing phase of the project, the single thing that sold me on the purchase of your product was the fact that we had an actual working product that could be used on tiff files that would return us an ENTIRE PDF document, not just the first page or two pages. My experience with the product was quite pleasant. We converted approximately 160,000 tiff images of historical data into PDF files. This process took around 14 hours and the file sizes ranged from less than 1MB to more than 1GB. All in all, it was a great experience.

- Bobby Powell, Montgomery County IT.

Your program's interface is very easy to understand and use. Anyone with even a little understanding of how to move around in a PC's file structure, can speedily locate the file they wish to convert, select that file and click the button to convert the file to PDF format.

- Thomas Dyott.

We have been using Tiff PDF Counter for at least 3 years and have been very satisfied with it. We run a large-scale digitization project, and we use Tiff PDF counter to verify that we have received from our scanning vendor exactly the amount of scanned pages we are getting billed for.

- Marie Funseth.

I purchased the software as I needed to convert a lot of multi-page TIFF files to PDF to meet our Records Management Standards. The software does exactly what I need it to do and it does it very well. To date I have had no issues at all and enjoy the way it all works.

- Neil Alexander.

I compared your demo version against two other converters and found it to be the easiest one to work with. Used it for a very large batch of documents (spanning multiple folders) and it worked exactly as advertised. Overall, a really useful and easy to use product.

- Eric Kirschner.

The scanner we have only scan PDF documents. When I save my documents to Tiff it splits them as multiple documents. I then need to combine these pages into one document. Tiff combiner allows me to do it without any hassles. I first bought this software about a year ago. In that time I have enjoyed using it immensely. It is easy to use.

- Eugennei.

We have found the Tiff PDF counter very easy to use and accurate. We use it internally as we have scanned many multi page Tiff images over a few months and need to get an average per file which worked out at 11 pages over some 245,567 files This has eliminated a lot of manual labour and helped enormously.

- Johnny McCullough.

My experience with TIFF Combiner has been good so far.  I've am working with a lending company that requires much documentation and it must be sent to their website in TIFF format.  However, because I have multipage documents, such as a monthly bank statement, most of the documents are in PDF format.  When you export a PDF formatted document to a TIFF document, Acrobat converts each page into a single document causing a seven page document to become 7 individual documents. With TIFF Combiner, I'm able to combine multiple TIFF files into one file and upload the file to the lender's website simple and quickly.  The GUI is very easy to understand and it's just a matter of dragging the individual documents into the TIFF Combiner screen and clicking the combine button...EASY!

- Gabriel Tapia.

Customization job winsome technologies did for us was great and exactly as per our requirements. Now our whole office use the system and it saves a lot of time.

- Martin Decelles.

I am totally enjoying working with Auto Text Expander. It's been an awesome experience and it helps me saving a bunch of time every day. Your program is very easy to use and very handy. I use it to save several common mails, introductory lines in every mail, foot-notes and signatures. Thankfully, It worked exactly as advertised.

- Gayle Benes, Denver.

We can not able to find the software which exactly fulfils our requirements so thank you to make custom software in such sort time. It’s in great use in our small company and save lot of time.

- Larry Leiner.

AWESOME product! I needed the product to collect data from on line education courses. I needed the information to be turned into text and downloaded into a format like MS Word.

- Wallace Rose.

Tiff Combiner works great for us.. We are a trucking company and use Tiff Combiner to merge driver paperwork, logs, Bills of Lading, etc.. Into 1 tiff file that we link into our databases for reviewing purposes.

- Tim Cloud, Vice President, Apollo Logistics.

I need it because my scanner makes complex tiff-files when scanning more than one picture in one moment. The program works fast and safe. It's a good program.

- Arne Hjorth.

It took me exactly 3 minutes to learn this software. That is best part of your tool simple and intuitive

- Simon Wilson.

We brought copy of this software for everyone in the department. It's something we use everyday.

- Tyler Peatros.

My experience with Auto Text Expander was great. I had tried several other trial versions of text expander programs, but yours was by far the easiest one to use. Some programs were very complicated and it was a big task to work with them and get them to do what you wanted to do. Auto Text Expander undoubtedly save me from hours of repeated typing every day.

- Karla Ken, Eugene.

PDF SPLITTER is easy to use and a low-cost and valuable tool that helps our law firm deal with productions of documents produced as a single large pdf. This pdf doesn't show where documents begin or end and so we need to split it so that we can code documents as privileged, hot document, and otherwise. PDF Splitter makes it possible for us to do this.

- Chris Cardillo, Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton.

What a brilliant concept! We have to scan a lot of documents and it is better to send them in PDF file so that these files can be easily opened. We are extremely pleased because it takes less time to scan and eFax documents.

- Dr. Holland-Johnson, iGlobal Educational Services.

We needed Image to PDF Converter to convert different types of image files to PDF format. The tool is excellent, very simple and almost instant! I have been very pleased with the ease and speed of the application!

- Bill Archer, Natures Naturals Ltd.

My experience with Image to PDF Converter was excellent. It met and exceeded my expectations. I needed to convert 40,000 .tiff files to PDF format. These files were scattered throughout different directories and sub-directories. This tool made it very easy to identify what directories and sub directories contained TIFF files and I could select a group, depending on the resident directory, and convert to PDF. This in turn drops the PDF in the same directory that the TIFF files exist in. I was able to convert, at times, 1,500 TIFF files into PDF in literally a minute or so. Very easy to use, very convenient, and extremely cost effective. Not to mention it saved me a ton of time. Thank you for your software and making my life a heck of a lot easier!

- Ettin Haroutounian.

I just finished scanning 245 music notation images to digitize them and put them on my Asus Eee pad. Scanning as a .tiff image give me greater control over the finished scan, but I needed a way to convert the finished scans to .pdf so they could be quickly and easily read on my Eee pad. Image to PDF Converter converted all 245 images to .pdf in less than 20 seconds, put them into a folder to copy to the Eee pad. Now I don't have to lug around heavy books when I play. I couldn't have purchased a better product for my needs.

- Jack Melody.


I'm completely satisfied with the Image to PDF Converter. The quality of the PDF is very well. I'm using it mainly to convert TIFF files to PDF. I have nothing to complain about this tool.

- Dario Giancola.

Adobe's image to PDF converter is slow. I wanted a faster one. I have used your Image to PDF to convert numerous .tiff files to .pdf. I really like the speed of the software.

- Jeff Ross, Grant Thornton LLP.

My experience is good. It's easy to use and quick. It counted 30,000 PDFs in about an hour which was incredible!!!

- Nathan Jarvis.

I'm using your tools for two months & I want to tell you: It's really the best I found in the whole net. Speedy and error free. Thanks a lot.

- Thomas Robb.

We needed to be able to modify some scanned documents. When they were scanned the file format was Tiff, and it's easier to modify the PDFs. I had over 10,000 Tiff documents I needed to convert to pdf. Other software I found would either turn each page of the TIFF into a single pdf or all the Tiffs into 1 pdf. Neither option worked. This software converted each TIFF document into a pdf document and did it at a very fast rate. All of my files were converted in a matter of a few hours. It is fast and easy. This converts files fast, the GUI was easy. You could do an entire folder at once and select a different output folder. For what we were doing it fit the bill.

- Kevin Kohl.

I have been a Winsome Technologies fan for several years.I purchased Image to Tiff Converter in July, 2013.I had a conversion task before me that potentially involved enormous work and an unusual conversion capability.The problem I had hoped to solve with this software was to mass-convert2,163 individual tiff bmp images of size 8206 x 14323, which were stored in two levels of directories, from the LZW compression technique to the CCITT T.6, or Group 4, compression technique. Image to Tiff Converter did the job magnificently, seeking out and re-compressing every single image to the new specification. Thank you for your fine products.

- Troy R. Bishop.

Command line tool is in great use for us as we have automated our task using it.

- Rod Fields.

Software worked great! I had 13000 reports that had to be combined into 668 zone reports. Didn't have one problem.

- Mike Putas.

Find and Replace Tool For Word is a fabulous product! It saves us an immense amount of time on our reports. It literally cut an entire day's worth of work down to an hour.  Worth every penny!

Rob Miller, Vice President, GWANDA LLC.

It worked great for a large change I needed to make throughout my excel documents. Congratulations on a nice piece of software development.

- Ingolf Schomacker.

My experience of Image to PDF is Great !!! I use several web based project search sites and in many of them you can download the drawings for free but they are in tiff format and they are very slow to open. Using your application, converting them into a pdf file really saves me a lot of time and time is dollars over a years’ time. It more than pays for the cost of this converter & I have to admit I am no computer savvy but within seconds it was done. Really easy to use.

- Rick Laws, Laws Enterprises.

Image to PDF Converter software was reasonably priced and  simple to purchase and use.  The product was intuitive, and worked very well.  I had 24,000 tiff images, ranging in size from 100 KB to 1 MB, in 1,600 folders that needed to be converted to PDF. Software worked flawlessly over about 4 1/2 hours of conversion, and I was able to continue using my laptop for other work while the conversion was taking place.  I would highly recommend this product for tiff to PDF conversion.

- Greg Reed.


Stamp and Number Pro Mac-Great, that works. Thanks for a very useful piece of software. Simply being able to add page numbers to a PDF is very hard. I'd highly recommend adding your product to the Mac App Store and calling it 'PDF Combiner & Page Numberer'. I've been searching for this simple feature for over a year, not wanting to spend £400 on Acrobat Pro!

- Max Aitken.

I've only had Stamp and Number Pro for a short time, but I've found it's very easy to use, and the fact that it's affordable is what sets it apart from the rest. I am a hired short sale facilitator, and I have PDF files that are sometimes in excess of 100 pages that have to be stamped with a loan number on each page.  I need technology like Stamp and Number Pro in order to stay on top of the files and meet my deadlines.

- Ralph Gorgoglione.

TIFF PDF Counter- For me, the software GUI was very user friendly, and easy to use.

- Jargalsaikhan Alyeksandr.

TIFF PDF Counter-We need to count 90000 .pdf files. I am glad for using your Software. It was easy for use.

- Oyunjargal Bolorsaikhan.

It took me exactly 3 minutes to learn this software. That is best part of your tool simple and intuitive.

- Jay Riggs.

Great tool. Saves lots of our time. I've used it for almost 10,000 files and its fastest tool for counting and splitting, Error free.

- David Law.

I am a barrister from Australia.   I've started accepting briefs from clients in electronic form,  rather than the traditional paper briefs which is the custom. Occasionally my less well organised,  or under-resourced solicitors, send me material without paginating it. Rather than complaining about it, I use Stamp and Number Pro Mac to do the job myself. It works beautifully ­ just as it should.  

I then put the electronically paginated and scanned documents into Devonthink  where I use the advanced search techniques to find, for example "Page [46] of [1367]"  by searching electronically.

I think it is a very useful product nonetheless.

- David Williams.

TIFF Splitter - loved that the software could do nested subfolders and maintained the image fidelity of 16-bit .tiff images. needed to split ~600 GB of multi-layered tiffs (images from high throughput microscope) in nested subfolders.

- Anonymous.

Best tools available for TIFF images. Thanks for all of your support.

- Mark jones.


Tiff Splitter is a very easy to use program and was ablet to split hundreds or pages the way we needed and name them properly in a manner of minutes. I enjoyed the drop and drag files feature. We needed Tiff to split files that contained multiple pages and to save on time and labour. We find the program simple, easy and very functional. Not too compliacted or visually distrcting.

- Joy Pader.

We purchased the TIFF Combiner because this feature was recently taken out of a document processing program we had previously been using for that purpose, among others (Breeze Legal Solutions). I use this type of program when I want to save time converting TIFFs to PDFs for clients by converting a single document rather than multi-page documents.

- Brenda Fleming.

Thanks for brilliant service offered during development of the custom software.

- Roy Jones.

Thanks for your prompt reply and solving my queries so fast. I hope every company has such support.

- Rutter Harris.

TIFF PDF Counter runs quick and efficiently, very straight forward user controls. Our company prints hundreds, if not thousands, of PDFs as part of our services. This software allows us to pre-determine page counts for job runs, and helps generate billing documents.

- William J. Law

We have many separate .xls files that, if the government makes a change in the wording of a form, they all have to be updated. Find and Replace Tool for Excel worked great and saved us a lot of time updating about 400 .xls files.

- Kevin Prince, QuickPatents, Inc

I have used Stamp and Number Pro Mac to mark multi-page pdf's with the name and client id numbers of Medicaid recipients. I am an elder law attorney, which means that a significant minority of my practice is spent assisting clients in applying for the public health (and long-term care) benefits under the Medicaid program.  This program is administered in Connecticut by the Connecticut Department of Social Services.  Effective July 8, 2013, Connecticut DSS has gone over to a scan-based "paperless" system (which is not really paperless, but does involve a lot of scanning).  As part of this process, DSS has required that the Medicaid applicant's name and "Client ID number" (the identifying number for the Medicaid applicant) be placed on EVERY page submitted to DSS by way of verification of the Medicaid application.  Since it is not unusual to receive the required verifications (typically bank or brokerage records) in pdf format, and since those records can be several hundreds of pages, I searched for (and found) a program that could affix the name and Client ID number on each page of a pdf.  Stamp and Number Pro Mac does precisely that.

- Stephen Keogh.

I've very good experiences with Image to PDF Converter, the last version seems even faster then before 2. I've a little company depending on a bank.  They use tiff format for the scanings and I convert these files for our personal customer database in pdf.  This allows our people to quickly search , look and print customer files.

- Koen Vermeersch.

We have excel files that are used by a third party application provider. We are planning to replace server A by a new one server B. Per instance of the application there are about 10 to in some cases 1000 excel files which need to be updated. If we need to do that by hand for every excel file it would take way to long since we only have a limited time frame in which we can migrate one instance to the new server. Find and Replace Tool for Excel worked great. It’s simple in its use and quick with finding and replacing within the excel files. In other words exactly what we were looking for.

- Steve Adams.

After using a single copy of TIFF PDF counter for a number of years.  We decided to deploy that software on all our machines.  We bought a site license and now have it running on every machine in the enterprise.  It gives us the Quality Control tools to make sure we count every page that we collect and move from machine to machine.  The version 4 is much friendlier and efficient than earlier versions and our employees love it.   I also noticed TIFF PDF counter with the distinctive icon on an executive's machine from a very prominent document management company during a presentation.  I thought if it was useful for this executive we should definitely be using it in throughout our environment. - Richard, RP ImageWorld.

We have recently implemented another Open Text eDocs DM system at  one of our clients and part of the project required their document archive to be fully text searchable. We could tell how many PDFs & TIFFs there were in the repository but not how many pages and this information was needed for the OCR licence. TIFF PDF Counter has allowed us to quote more accurately for the ABBYY FineReader Licence based on pages rather than documents. TIFF PDF Counter was extremely easy to set up and returned the results within the day. This allowed us to set the clients expectations more accurately and we will certainly use TIFF PDF Counter again in future projects.

- Phil Trouteaud.

Brilliant ! seems to have sorted my problem and Thank you for your excellent service.

- Richard Hamilton.

We purchased PDF Security to batch secure hundreds of PDF files to conform to HIPAA standards.  It works very well.

- Andrew Palk.

My experience with PDF Combiner is very positive. Extremely useful. I produce board packs, meeting packs - people send me their papers individually and I make them into one pack. Before I  had to print the pack out and scan it in for distribution by email. This was very time consuming, ended up with huge file sizes and didn't look very good. Now I convert the files to pdf and combine them, producing very neat pack.

- Zuzana McMillan.

I use Image to PDF Converter as the last step in converting books to PDF - taking high resolution photos of book pages is quicker and easier than scanning them page by page - and the resulting PDF can be accessed by all types of mobile devices. This program is faster and cheaper than buying a full copy of Acrobat, and does exactly what I need it do! 

- Stephen Carroll.

Image to PDF Converter is easy to use. I was given 1,504 tif files in a legal document production.  They were not labeled.  I wanted to combine them into several large pdf files that I could then scroll through. - Jeffrey L. Forman.

I use TIFF Combiner weekly. I have scanned tiff files from network scanner that I combine to make it easier to import into document management system.

- Michael Papilsky.

I had 50,000 tiffs that each had three pages. The task I was set with was that we only needed to keep the first page of each of the tiffs. I started to delete the pages manually but as you can imagine, this was taking some time and this was something that I could not afford to carry on with manually. I set about trying to find a piece of software that could automatically run this task for me and I could work on another job while it was running in the background.

I came across Tiff Splitter with a quick google search and after using a trial version found that it did exactly what I needed it to do. With Tiff Splitter I managed to complete this task in a couple of hours what would have taken me maybe a couple of weeks to complete manually. The software is easy to use, I found no issues while using it. It is a handy tool to have in my software library and will be certain to use it again. Thank You for the great piece of software!!

- Stuart Thomas.

I found TIFF Combiner very easy to use. It's not overly complicated and the toolbar icons provide instructions without having to study or refer to a user's manual. It's very intuitive.

I use TIFF Combiner for our downhole oil & gas logs. They must be a TIFF image to be compatible with our engineering software. I often receive PDF's from our vendors. I kept running into the same issues; having to request a TIFF image or sending the PDF out to an image center that could convert it for me, and having to wait for the turnaround time made the engineer anxious. I found that I could split the PDF into multiple pages however, I could not combine them into one continuous TIFF image, nor could our engineering software read the logs properly. And, the cost for others to convert & combine to TIFF's became way too much, so I began my search and found your product. Not only has it saved me time, it's saved the company money from having to pay others for reproduction costs.

- Cynthia Allen.

TIFF PDF Counter is a simple to use program and quick enough for count page in pdf document. To count page in my documents pdf and update archives with number of pages for each document.

- Achillev.

Our SW accept only TIFF-format and often it is necessary to take out and replace the pages. TIFF Combiner is extremely fast and user-friendly.

- Annette Frotjold.

TIFF Splitter works just fine.  The controls are easy to figure out and it does just what it is supposed to do.  I bought the TIFF Splitter because I am involved in scanning in organizing family historical pictures.  The scanner software is not willing to scan separate tiff images to separate files.  And Photoshop Elements, which I am using for organizing and editing, is unable to separate tiff image pages into separate files or even to see further than the first page. Thank you for an efficient utility.

- James Barter.

I think TIFF PDF Counter is a great little utility. It's fast and easy to use. We routinely combine several Pdfs into one PDF document which we print duplex. This allows me to review the PDfs before compiling and see which ones need pages added to make them even numbered without opening every PDF. I also use it, by exporting to Excel and adding page numbers, to create the index page for the combined PDF. We also use it to count the number of pages for billing to the client.

- Billy Knight.

I have had a great experience using your software.  At work, we have a scanning system that uploads hand-written documents in TIFF format.  To enable easy viewing, I needed to convert dozens of these TIFFs to PDFs.  Image to PDF Converter enabled me to convert several TIFFs to PDFs in seconds.  It proved easy and quick to use, and I'm highly satisfied with the purchase!

- Jay Werber.

As professional translator, i work with hundreds of word files that have the same expression all over the text for the several files. So I've started to search for a tool that can help me in my job, and I've finally find the marvelous that is Find and Replace Tool for Word from winsometech, that accomplished my needs, in a fast and in  easy way. I reduce the time of work in very impressive form.

- Vasco Ribeiro.